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hatching out a hurricane's Journal

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Saturday, September 11th, 2010
6:10 pm - Vitamins.
This journal is friends only. My writings are usually rambling and have no specific subject; somewhat stream-of-consciousness and normally off the beaten track. As time has progressed, however, my writing has taken a more definitive stand.

All I ask is that you don't ask me to define it unless absolutely necessary.

Drop a line if you're interested.

current mood: tired

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Friday, November 15th, 2002
8:55 am - GAH.
I need to write.
Someone give me a topic to write about. Please. This is me begging. BEGGING.
Anything.. anything at all. Well. Okay, preferably something I have some sort of knowledge of. Review both my interests and indigodays's interests if need be. Because if, umm, bothsidesnow or leahbabe asked me to write about them, I couldn't do it well because I don't know much about them. Get my drift? Yeah. Good.

Topic, any topic. Share, please. :) IDEAS!

current mood: hopeful

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